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Dog Soldier Legend Maker series rifles


About The Legend Maker

Our design team has worked countless hours with Steve Criner, The Dog Soldier, on developing what we felt was a great balance of cost, performance, and all around features that predator hunters would want in their predator rifle. This is the same rifle that will be used on the coyote and predator hunts on Pursuit Channels Dog Soldier Television. 

The Core of the Steve Criner Legend Maker with Dog Soldier

 We started at the core of the rifle with a tried and trued action, Remington 700. We then fully blueprint that action and machine the exterior to save weight and create a more aesthetically appealing action. 


We use Bartlein barrels on this series of rifle. We have found that after extense testing and weighing every option, it was the perfect balance for cost and quality. 


Again balancing out quality and cost we landed on using the Greyboe line of stocks with all of our Legend Maker series rifles. 


The Legend Maker rifle line is available in .223, .243, .22-250, 22 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .308 Win


Our rifles keep a 1/2" MOA or better out of the box. 


Our quality control is unprecedented and meticulously inspected prior to shipping.